Monday, October 4

25 Pair cable HOW TO

i found this some time ago and this is how i remember the order of a 25pair cable. just figured id share it with some of you cablers!



the top is the order of the first "pair"
you would go:
then repeat that with Red, black, yellow And vilot
hope this helps anyone in a networking/cabling class

Medal of Honor

Cant wait for this game. cant wait to see how it compares to the new COD black ops! i havent read much about it jsut seen a ad for it and figured id throw up a post about it..

help me out tho post your comments on the game here guys!
and rate it 0/10

Sunday, October 3

DIablo III

Diablo 3 is more action! more fighting! more death! more looting! more about skill! Everything about d3 is supposed to be new and improved the interface has been changed a good bit, the way runes work. The environment is destructible who couldn't love that! the story takes place 20 years after d1, and d2 heaven and hell have been set loose once again upon Tristan! you are the only warrior that can help defend and save Tristan from what lies ahead.

8/10 stars from what iv seen so far!

World of warcraft: Cataclysm

New EVERYthing mounts and anything you could ask for comes with Wow Cataclysm the test realm was recently updated and showed a few of the new mounts. Reins of the spectral steed/wolf are some sick looking mounts.

raids are adjusted so that both sizes drop the same quality of loot and chance of loot.

new lvl cap of 85

all in all i give it a 8/10 and cant wait to play it!

TF2 update!

tf2's new update made it so you can trade all them new items and craftable items. it is an awsome update added alot of fun and alot of ways to make new friends trading and such. made the items you got befor the update "vintage" you can no longer  get vintage items so if you ahve any hang onto them!

it has its downfalls also tho people just sit in spawn and spam what they want to trade while the other team outnumbers you and rolls you on what ever map your playing!

all in all i give the update a 5/10